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Cougar Teminator
  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Unique central keel design
  • Fine-tuned backrest
  • Fully handle stress
  • Ventilated Backrest Design
  • Flexible PAFRP backrest
  • Hyper-Dura Leatherette
  • Metallic 4D armrests
  • Ultra-Stability and Ultimate Durability
  • Extra-large aluminum wheelbase
  • Weight Limit: 135 kg
  • Product Weight: 45.5kg
  • Product Dimension: 750 x 1295 x 800 mm



  • Width of Backseat: 63cm
  • Length of Backrest: 98cm
  • Seat Thickness: 11cm
  • Armrest to Armrest: 50cm
  • Floor to Base: 34 ~ 46cm
  • Width of Seat: 50cm
  • Seat Depth: 50cm

Cougar Teminator

  • Product Info

    Perfect combination of functionality and ergonomics, COUGAR Terminator is the gaming chair with unique mechanical aesthetics. It provides a great level of excitement, revolutionary performance, and excellent ergonomics, that gamers and esports players are keen to use.

  • Warranty

    1-year warranty on gas lift only. 

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