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Thrustmaster T128 Simtask Pack (PC/XB)

Platforms: PC, Xbox

Best for: Trucking / Farming

Level: Casual

In a nutshell: Find the ideal driving position for any vehicle with T128 SimTask Pack. Experience a complete and immersive trucking and farming simulation experience with the combination of the T128 Force Feedback racing wheel, its T2PM pedal set and SimTask Steering Kit.



  • SimTask Steering Kit

218 mm

242 mm

210 mm


  • T128

260 mm

300 mm

280 mm



  • SimTask Streering Kit

1,891 g


  • T128

4098 g

Thrustmaster T128 Simtask Pack (PC/XB)

  • Product Info

    T128 SimTask Pack is the ideal combination for farming and trucking simulation. Position your T128 racing wheel flat with the Steering Kit for realistic, immersive driving of heavy machinery and vehicles.

    T128 offers HYBRID DRIVE Force Feedback, allowing gamers to really experience the fun and intuitive sensations of driving. Feel the weight of each vehicle, the bumps and impacts, the loss of grip in turns, and the types of road surfaces — directly in the wheel, as if you were really there.

  • Warranty

    1 year

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