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Thrustmaster T128 Shifter Pack (PC/XB)

Platforms: PC, Xbox

Best for: Experiencing FFB

Level: Casual

In a nutshell: Take advantage of T128’s dynamic Force Feedback and its 2-pedal pedal set to experience realistic driving sensations. Get started with manual gear shifting with TH8S Shifter Add-On and its “H”-pattern shift plate (with 7 gears plus reverse gear), to easily adapt to all types of games and vehicles.



  • TH8S Shifter

220 mm

130 mm

240 mm


  • T128

260 mm

300 mm

280 mm



  • TH8S Shifter

0.6 kg


  • T128

4098 g

Thrustmaster T128 Shifter Pack (PC/XB)

  • Product Info

    T128 Shifter Pack is a combination of the T128 racing wheel and TH8S Shifter Add-On shifter, for an immersive and versatile driving experience. Its “H”-pattern shift plate (with 7 gears plus reverse gear) easily adapts to all types of games and vehicles (racing, trucking, farming).

    T128 and its HYBRID DRIVE Force Feedback allows gamers to really experience the fun and intuitive sensations of driving. Feel the weight of each vehicle, the bumps and impacts, the loss of grip in turns, and the types of road surfaces — directly in the wheel, for immersive racing that awakens your driver instinct.

    T128 adapts to all driving styles thanks to its 270° to 900° rotation angle and its round, lightweight wheel rim that takes full advantage of all the Force Feedback’s power. The T2PM pedal set, alongside the racing wheel’s magnetic paddle shifters, engine speed LEDs and 13 action buttons, lets you free yourself from having to use a gamepad.

  • Warranty

    1 year

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