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Noctua NH-P1
  • Height (without fan) 158 mm
  • Width (without fan) 154 mm
  • Depth (without fan) 152 mm
  • Weight (without fan) 1180 g
  • Material Copper (base and heat-pipes), aluminium (cooling fins), soldered joints & nickel plating
  • NSPR 42
  • Max. TDP see NSPR
  • Fan compatibility 120x120x25
  • Scope of delivery 
    - NH-P1 heatsink
    - SecuFirm2+™ multi-socket mounting system
    - NT-H2 high-grade thermal compound
    - NA-CW1 cleaning wipe
    - NM-SD1 screwdriver
    - Fan clips for optional 120mm fan
    - Noctua Metal Case-Badge
  • Warranty 6 Years

Noctua NH-P1

  • Product Info

    The NH-P1 is Noctua’s first passive CPU cooler and has been custom-designed for fanless operation from the ground up: in enclosures with good natural convection, its six heatpipes and thick, widely spaced heatsink fins enable it to cool modern high-end CPUs with low to moderate heat dissipation completely passively (see setup guidelines and list of recommended cases). For further enhanced performance or semi-passive setups that only spin up their fans when necessary, the NH-P1 can be outfitted with a low-speed, ultra-quiet 120mm fan such as the NF-A12x25 LS-PWM. Topped off with the professional Torx-based SecuFirm2+ mounting system, Noctua’s award-winning NT-H2 thermal compound and a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, the NH-P1 is the ideal cornerstone for premium-grade fanless or semi-passive builds.

  • Warranty

    6-year warranty

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