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Cougar Armor is the perfect seat for professional level gamers. This swiveling gaming chair is a fully adjustable throne that will satisfy the most demanding gamers. With a steel frame and high quality components for extra durability and loads of options to fine tune it to your needs, COUGAR Armor is ready for battle.

Cougar Armor Black

    • Size: Mid
    • Surface: Breathable PVC Leather
    • Armrest Directions: 4D
    • Armrest Up/Down Movement: Yes
    • Armrest Left/Right Rotation: Yes
    • Armrest Forward/Backward Movement: Yes
    • Armrest Inward/Outward Movement: Yes
    • Width of Backrest: 59cm
    • Length of Backrest: 84cm
    • Seat Thickness: 9cm
    • Armrest to Armrest: 49 - 52cm
    • Floor to Base: 36 - 44cm
    • Width of Seat: 56cm
    • Seat Depth: 50cm
    • Armrest Height to Floor: 63 - 70cm