Razer Arctech Slim Black (iPhone XS Max)
  • Thermaphene Performance layer for improved heat dissipation
  • Vented channels for increased air flow
  • Wireless charging compatible for greater convenience
  • Network-performance friendly for unhindered connection
  • Intuitive button and port access for easy use



  • iPhone XR - 7.84cm x 15.23cm x 1.09cm
  • iPhone X / Xs - 7.37cm x 14.51cm x 1.03cm
  • iPhone XS Max - 8.01cm x 15.84cm x 1.04cm
  • iPhone 11 - 7.84cm x 15.20cm x 1.10cm
  • iPhone 11 Pro - 7.41cm x 14.54cm x 1.06cm
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max - 8.06cm x 15.88cm x 1.07cm

Razer Arctech Slim Black (iPhone XS Max)

  • Product Info

    With the Razer Arctech smartphone case, the only thing turning up the heat is you. Experience better device performance with improved phone cooling—through a lightweight, vented design lined with a cutting-edge Thermaphene Performance layer.


    Razer’s proprietary technology for improved heat dissipation during heavy usage. A thermally-conductive lining redirects trapped heat—keeping your phone cooler for longer. Soft microfiber lining gently protects phone from scratches. Thermaphene performance layer collects and transfers heat away from device. Exterior perforations increase airflow to dissipate heat.